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Hey, all! So recently, I ran out of liquid foundation and decided it would be a good opportunity to try something different. I have tried tons of brands so I knew generally what worked and what didn't, but I'm always up for experimenting and finding a new favorite (and also I am addicted to buying makeup...anyone else have about six or seven lip products in their purse at any given moment?). I did some research and heard a lot about a Chanel foundation called Vitalumière Aqua, though their Vitalumière received a lot of rave reviews, as well. As soon as I got my paycheck, I placed an order and eagerly awaited my new (hopefully wonderful) foundation.

The first morning I used this, I applied moisturizer about 10 minutes beforehand like I normally do. I'm telling you, people, if you do nothing else as far as skincare is concerned, apply moisturizer one to two times a day. You'll thank me when you're 40. Moving on, I saw several videos on YouTube reviewing and demoing this product and a common tip given was to shake the bottle a little before squeezing out the foundation. I generally do this with liquid foundation anyway in case the pigment settles or whatever. 
I applied the foundation by squeezing an amount a little smaller than dime-sized onto the back of my hand and applying it with my fingers. The first layer was sheer and a tiny bit opaque, but the second layer made a huge difference. Again, I used an amount slightly smaller than a dime in size for the second layer. You may end up using more or less, but I was happy with that amount for each layer (by the way, is it "layer" or "coat" or...? What is it when you're talking about foundation? Dollop?? Hmm...).
It feels light and looks natural. I dotted it in a couple of spots where I have blemishes as a sort of concealer and that worked nicely. My skin can get a little oily in the summer, so the next day I set the foundation with a powder to prevent shine but that is more due to my skin than the actual product. I also used a flat kabuki brush to apply the foundation the second time around, buffing it into my skin evenly.
The transfer is minimal, at least in my opinion. I used a super scientific method that involved me sticking a piece of white paper against my forehead and seeing how much color came off. SCIENCE!
I used 30 Beige, which is the perfect shade for me. There is a limited range of shades in this product, however, which could mean there are some people who won't be able to wear this product. Definitely go to a store that sells this product and see if a shade matches you before ordering if you have any doubts about the shade choices.
Overall, I'm really pleased with this foundation because it gives me a makeup-free appearance and blends in seamlessly. With the shade I chose, I didn't have to worry about a makeup line around my jaw or anything. If you're looking for something that gives more of an airbrushed look or something that is more heavy-duty for, say, a night of dancing or something, I highly recommend Kat von D's Lockit Foundation. It comes in a ton of shades and is very thick. I apply it with a brush and buff it out, sometimes thinning it out with a tiny bit of moisturizer if I want to minimize the coverage a little.
So there you go. If you want a foundation that looks natural and blends really well while hiding any blemishes or discoloration, I would go for this. An added bonus is that it contains sunscreen (and has a bit of that sunscreen smell. It's not overwhelming, but it's there, so if you don't like that don't get this foundation).

//$45.00 on Nordstrom.com//

*very natural look
*coverage you can build
*felt very light and like I didn't have on any makeup


*limited range of shades
*may not be suitable for extreme discoloration of skin due to its lighter coverage

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