//Project Life Layout / This and That

This Project Life spread was made with miscellaneous Instagram prints I had lying around (printed using Postal Pix) that I didn't find a use for. Even the prints that look like patterned paper are images I found online and then printed in a 4" x 4" size so I could intersperse them with my other photos. This particular layout involved a page that had only 4x4 spots and I used nine different prints, all embellished somehow with brads, rhinestones, stickers, or washi tape. All of the prints are random imagery, but the use of similar filters on the photos gave the layout a cohesive feel which I believe made the spread work.

I really enjoyed working on this layout because it was quick and gave me a lot of freedom thanks to the randomness of the photos. I simply grabbed a couple of brads, some stickers, gems, and sequins and decorated each photo just a little to give it that extra "something." The top left photo also includes a couple of different phrase stamps to add to that spontaneity theme by saying "This & That" and "Here & There."

As I mentioned, this spread took me all of ten minutes to complete. I laid my photos out on top of the page protector in the order that I found most appealing. I then took some stickers and embellishments at random, choosing ones that were fairly generic and that wouldn't detract from the photos. After all, the photos were already quite busy and made a statement, so I didn't really need much to punch up the page. On the other hand, I can't leave it well enough alone so I wanted to add something.

Overall, I had a lot of colors I could use in this layout without it seeming out of place and I was grateful for that. If you notice, I had a red heart brad, green washi tape, and blue sequins and it all comes together quite nicely. The key is keeping the embellishments all rather small so they become small touches of "bling" rather than becoming a distraction. Even the "larger" embellishments, like the phrase sticker, the washi, or the cloud sticker with key manage to blend because of the colors used as well as the horizontal placement to keep the eye moving across the page.

If you're interested in trying out pocket scrapbooking yourself, be sure to read this post where I cover some of the basics and provide you with some good resources.


  1. I had never heard of pocket scrapbooking before. What a cute idea! I love this!

    Have you read Everyday is a Holiday (http://everyday-is-a-holiday.blogspot.com/)? Their art journaling posts are so much fun and are reminiscent of scrapbooking!

  2. Ooooh! I'll have to check that site out! Thank you!!

    And I only recently heard about it myself, but it's such an interesting way to document memories and seemingly limitless in the way you can do it! I wrote a post about it on the blog if you're interested :)

    1. I went and visited your post about pocket scrapbooking - sounds fun and less intimidating/time consuming than a standard scrapbook! At least that way you can do them in pieces without taking hours and hours to finish a full scrapbook layout (if you're anything like me, hah). Super cool! :)