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This layout was something that was inspired by the events of this week. My boyfriend, Josh, was away from Tuesday to Thursday to visit his family and it was the first time we've been away from each other like that in almost four months. After spending most of the summer commuting to and from home with each other four days a week, you could say that we had gotten into a routine. Being apart threw that routine off for the both of us. Also, at the risk of sounding SUPER cheeseball, we just miss each other when we're apart for even a night. Anyway, being that I was in a particular mood the past couple of days, I decided to make a layout focusing on my boyfriend and my current thoughts and feelings.

The photo I used was taken on his birthday that was celebrated just a week ago. We were at one of our favorite local restaurants and, sitting across from each other, I thought about how crazy I am for this guy and I started snapping photos. I happened to have a few photos that I love because of that and I decided to use this one in particular as the focus. I printed it twice on a sheet of thick vellum and after cutting them out, I used a punch to round the corners. I layered them in a manner that would resemble a double exposure in film photography and, while it took a little bit to play around with the placement, I am beyond happy with how the final result turned out.

I knew I really, really wanted to use the wood veneer sequins from Studio Calico, so I centered my color palette around that. I chose a green because it's a favorite color of the both of ours and also knew I wanted to use a resin heart charm that came in my Penny Arcade Project Life kit. Going off of this, I chose some heart brads to create a visual triangle. I love to work with these because to me, it makes the final layout achieve a sense of balance. Combined with the fact that I like to work in odd numbers when possible (for example, having three or five of an embellishment rather than two or four), this works extremely well for me. So after choosing my colors, I went through my stash of Project Life cards for anything that would coordinate. I layered those over and under my photos but not before I sprayed the white background with Mister Huey's in Gold. Be sure to allow the spray to dry completely before trying to adhere anything on top of it because, depending on the adhesive you use (in my case, I used a tape gun) your elements will not stick together at all.

Next, I chose a few choice bits of journaling to print on white card stock and cut those out, using some wood accents to embellish them. I placed them in the corners of the "main element," which at this point was the layered arrangement of photos and Project Life cards.

I used a chipboard alphabet to create my title, substituting a resin element from that same Penny Arcade Project Life kit for the letter "O" in his name. I liked the white on white of the alphabet and background paper, but whenever I layer items I attempt to have them overlap in some way. This is why I chose to have the title cover the background paper, Project Life card, and photo.

I used a few torn pieces of kraft card stock on the side of the photo element, along with some washi tape to accent and mimic the shape of the card stock strips. Going off of the resin heart piece, I incorporated some heart brads to make yet ANOTHER visual triangle (you're going to get sick of me saying "visual triangle"...or you might be already). I added a green diagonal striped tab sticker to the photo element and called it a day on that bit.

Next I put those sequins I mentioned earlier to use. I placed some in the general shape I was looking for but knowing that I wanted a more "random" look, I took a pinch of sequins and dropped them on the page. I then tried to mimic the result by adhering the sequins to the page with glue dots.

Finally, in the original (very!) rough sketch I made of this layout, I knew I wanted some focus on the bottom of the page. I took my Color Theory ink pad in Emerald City and swiped it a few times, creating a randomized "block" of green color. I couldn't exactly write my journaling directly on this spot because I don't have a white pen, so I used another Project Life card, journaled on that, trimmed it, and adhered it over the ink. I finished it off with a cork sticker element from the Office Hours Project Life kit by Studio Calico.

This layout was all about limiting the color you work to three (not including the white paper) and printing your photo(s) on vellum. Most importantly, it was about scrapbooking something or someone you really love and capturing your thoughts and feelings--which, when you really stop to think about it, is the whole point of scrapbooking, right? :)

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  1. I totally know what you mean about missing your guy. My boyfriend and I met at work, so we used to carpool and go home to have lunch together every day. Since then, we've both moved on (I'm working from home, setting up my own jewelry business and he got a job at another company that's a much longer commute). Even though I still see him in the evenings, it's a big shift and I miss him a lot. I love how you used missing Josh to inspire a super cute scrapbook page!