//Bookworm Beat / Snow in August by Pete Hamill

 I'll be honest, this book was tough for me to get into. I picked up a used copy after a recommendation from my boyfriend's sister's mother-in-law (did that even make any sense?) during our Florida vacation and, being a complete book-buying fiend, figured I'd give it a shot. I commute on a train for almost three hours for four days a week, so having something to read during the ride is definitely something I'm interested in and I threw this book in my bag. I opened it in the morning and after about twenty pages, I closed it and left it in my bag for about two weeks. I even read another book instead, choosing to ignore this one for the time being. But then I figured I'd give it another chance and I'm glad I did.

This novel is set shortly after World War II in Brooklyn where an eleven-year-old Michael Devlin, the son of working class Irish immigrants, loves comic books, the Dodgers, and his friends. Then he befriends a rabbi and his life is forever changed. We then follow Michael and Rabbi Hirsch as they forge a tight bond, learn from each other, deal with neighborhood animosity and violence, and do their best to be good people. 

What I enjoyed about this book was you slowly learn more and more about these characters and you begin to feel as though they're real people whose lives have been recorded for you to read. Also, I liked that it was an emotional tale that made me feel enraged at some of the actions in the book. But mostly I loved following Michael Devlin around and seeing the awe and wonder that he saw all around.

This book is about faith and friendship, love and loyalty. Above all, this book is about magic--in all its forms.

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