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Hello, there! In this post I will be doing a quick review of the Color Theory ink pads by Studio Calico. I have really come to love Studio Calico lately and actually began a subscription to both their scrapbooking kits and their Project Life kits, but I'll be making a separate post about that later! Check back for more of that goodness and, if you're a scrapping nerd like I am, you'll find yourself making a mental shopping list in no time.

These ink pads are the first SC products I've ever purchased and, for those who don't want to read this whole thing, just know that I love them. Love them love them. Why, you ask? Good question, invisible and hypothetical enquirer. Keep reading!

There are twelve shades currently available in the Color Theory line, all with pun names that I can't help but dig. I bought eight of those, choosing a range that I think will take me a long way on my layouts, art journaling, and card making. Below is a photo of all the shades I have stamped onto white paper with the names beside each shade. Overall, the colors are really nice and basically what I expected when looking at the packaging.

Speaking of packaging, there are labels you can also purchase to stick on the ink pads to quickly identify the color because the pads also have the awesome feature of being stackable. That's great for me because I don't need any special storage thingamajobby for them and I can save some space by stacking them the way that ink pads should be stored (horizontally). Woohoo!

I found that the ink dried really fast, which is a must if you're a hectic scrapper like I can be. I put some pages together so quickly that the glue hasn't even had a chance to dry before I'm done, so you can imagine how stoked I was with these ink pads.

Okay, so you may be wondering why I'm geeking out hardcore over some ink pads. Well, for one thing, at five bucks a pop they're affordable and I like that for obvious reasons. More importantly, however, is the fact that the Color Theory line is meant to be coordinated. So you have your inks, papers, and various embellishments all meshing well together, further making the scrapbooking process a little easier for most. And frankly, I love the colors! The mint and coral might just be my favorite. Oh, and did I mentioned how great I think the color names are? Well Red? Clean Slate? Okay, Studio Calico, you win again.

I'm excited to use these ink on my upcoming projects, which I'll be sure to sure to share with you guys! If you're interested in checking out the Color Theory ink pads yourself, go ahead and click this link right here. And if you're down to check out the entire Color Theory line, click THIS link.

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