//First Comes Love, Then Comes...


This past Friday, August 22, 2014, Josh and I got engaged!!

We are not the most conventional couple. Way back on Easter weekend of this year, he had essentially "proposed" to me and ever since then we knew we were getting engaged/married. While in Florida on a vacation with his family, I was anticipating him proposing then but he later told me he didn't have a ring at that time otherwise he would have. So when we returned from our trip, we went ring-shopping the next day, he asked for my father's blessing (a touching traditional gesture which I appreciated) the following week, and the rest has essentially been a waiting game.

Then, the Monday before it became official, I had already been given the ring to see and try on before he even proposed--see what I mean about unconventional? ;)  I was glad for this, though, because the ring ended up being the wrong size somehow (it was a whole size smaller than what was ordered!) and so on Friday we picked up the resized ring and headed to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Turf Room.

After we had finished eating and were enjoying some wonderful adult beverages, he proposed with some incredibly sweet words (which I had him write down when we got home because honestly, it was so simple and beautiful and I hope I never forget them), I got very teary and said yes, and then it was official!

So there you go--simple, intimate, and so very us!

And now it begins...

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your ring is absolutely stunning! And who needs conventional when you can have a story that's fits the two of you? :)