//Florida 2014 Album

I returned from Florida over two months ago and I finally got around to making a scrapbook album for the trip. It has been long overdue.

I went to Florida at the end of May with Josh and his family. It was his parents, his sister and that family, and then his brother-in-law's family. It was a total of 12 people and we were gone for a week, visiting Disney, Universal Studios, and Cocoa Beach. It was stressful but oh so amazing, and it was wonderful to see Disney and other things through the eyes of children!

//I loved utilizing the technique of putting sequins in pockets and sewing them closed

//the yellow tape from Studio Calico is fantastic as a marker for the date while adding a pop to the layout

//the wooden banner was a great way to use white space in the photo

//washi tape on an already see-through page gives a great visual element

//this one is my favorite page due to my love of Star Wars...and the star sequin pockets!

//some detail on the pockets where I also used a recurring technique--some stickers on top, some stickers on the bottom

//I used the two star pattern stamps found in the Studio Calico "Sandlot" kit to add MORE star detail to the page because why not?!

//the beach page is a close runner-up due to the (pretty darn perfect) seashell I found on the beach sitting atop a small pile of--guess what???--EMBOSSING POWDER! It allowed me to add more color while giving a better setting for the shell without the benefit of having sand on hand

//the color of the embossing powder is so pretty against the coral sequins and has a real "Little Mermaid" vibe

//some of the pocket pages didn't provide a totally convenient layout so I improvised by cutting photos in half at times and putting the halves in adjacent pockets

//with the wooden banner and the card at the top of the page, I used multiple elements to basically create a title for the page

//the sticker and the map card worked really well together in this case, while the two wood patterned chipboard stickers in the bottom right were cut in half and staggered to get more use out of a single element

//the stitching on the date card was placed to add more detail and take up more space on the card but it also added more red which I liked for this page

//the button and sequin combo was one of my favorite bits on this page

//I used the star pattern stamp from before and added some lines with a pen to make fireworks above the castle!

//this title card is my favorite due to the amount of texture and detail


  1. Oooo I love these! So many cool elements - especially digging those sequins. :) I love seeing what you come up with!

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so sweet! :)

      I had a lot of fun with this album because I got to really go through my stash of supplies and use a TON of products throughout all the pages! Plus, by not going with a single color scheme or theme for the album, I left it a lot more open design-wise, which I like to do!