//Maybe One Day I'll Even Do a Pull Up...

I'm going to lay it right on the line for you folks: I'm not an active person. I mean, I walk around a lot, especially at work, but given the choice I prefer to not engage in physical activity that causes me to greatly exert myself in any way. As a result, I have little strength (except in my legs) and little to no endurance and stamina. I'm kind of pathetic, really.

Today, however, I aim to begin to change all that. I went to the local Crossfit gym this morning and took their intro class. It involved a five-minute, non-stop workout that left me feeling sore, weak, and really sorry for myself. Right when we were done I thought to myself, "There is no way I can do this. I can barely do a push-up!" I was going to leave and figured I at least gave it a shot.

But I didn't. Look, everyone has to start somewhere right? And I'm tired of feeling like I can't do anything about it. Sure, a lot of these Crossfit folks are total beasts at the gym and can do amazing things--but even they, at some point, began right where I did. That gives me hope.

So I've signed up for a month of their "foundations" classes and I'll go from there. This is the start of trying to get in shape and get healthy and it's also going to be a good relief from class this last year, I think.

I don't think my journey to get fit will ever end because fitness becomes a big part of people's lives and it's not just a temporary solution. However, I think that my journey to look and feel the way I want is something that I will eventually accomplish and THAT is going to be amazing.

Plus, this might mean that I'll finally have enough upper-body strength to do one whole pull-up. Just maybe...

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