//Life Update / 09.16.15

I haven't been very present online, especially on this little space of the interwebz that I am happy to call mine. Now that school has started, it seems I have time for little else--scrapbooking has been put to the side a lot, which make me especially sad. What time I do have to spare is spent wedding planning. I can't complain though because it does act as an outlet for me and frankly, I love looking at dresses and flowers and contemplating DIYs that I can work on. I just wish I had more time to BLOG.

I am working on creating a more structured schedule of my time so that I can get back to doing other things that I love. Reading for pleasure, scrapbooking, my Project Life, taking my dog to the dog park. You know, the essentials.

So if you have visited here before and saw something you like, please know that I haven't disappeared--even though it seems that way! And if you have anything you would like to see on here, feel free to leave a comment or email me at justyna.handh@gmail.com.

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