//What's Been Going On? + Halloween Wreath DIY

Hello, all! Despite evidence to the contrary, I am still alive and (mostly) well! My third year of law school is well underway and I have been getting slammed with back-to-back assignments...but that's my fault for taking three classes that are writing-heavy this semester!

I have, of course, been busy collecting supplies for the wedding. Etsy has been my absolute best friend as of late, but there is also a lot that I want to make myself. It's been a little overwhelming at times, but it's such a wonderful outlet for me when school gets too stressful. I can't help but thank my lucky stars that I am such a stickler for detail and organization or else I would probably be a nervous bundle of anxiety about now!

//just a sample of some of the items I've already ordered...does Etsy have a frequent buyer program?//
This past Sunday, Josh and I had our parents over for dinner. It was the first time they met and the evening couldn't have gone any better! We were both pretty shocked when it was all over, although I figured they would get along swimmingly. Although our parents are almost 20 years apart in age, they definitely found common ground and were able to just chat and get to know each other without much interference from either of us. PHEW!

Earlier that day, I completed my Halloween wreath! Let me just say, Halloween might just be my favorite holiday--yes, it even tops Christmas (though I LOVE Christmas shopping and gift wrapping!). Josh and I are even getting married on Halloween next year! That was more as a result of the circumstances but I am STOKED about it, whereas Josh is just happy to be getting married in autumn. I digress...

I saw a wreath on Etsy and just fell in love. What I didn't love, however, was the $70 price tag. There was no way I could justify spending that much on a wreath, no matter how over the moon I was. I decided to make my own after seeing some of the focal pieces used in the Etsy wreath at my local Pier 1.

It took me several hours worth of work over the course of three or so days. But I finished it. Aaaaand I LOVE it!!

I adore all things slightly macabre and playful and this wreath hit that nail on the head for me. I purchased the two figures from Pier 1 (I guess they represent Josh and me) and they were originally Halloween ornaments! They were the exact same figures I saw on the Etsy wreath and I assumed they were handmade by the wreath-maker, so when I spotted them in the store I snatched them up and KNEW I had to make a wreath myself.

The "burlap" material came on a roll from Joann Fabrics. I cut the 14' long roll into approximately 3- or 4-foot lengths and then cut those into strips about four inches wide. I then began to loop the fabric through the wreath form (pictured below) using a tutorial I found on Pinterest, but here is a video that shows you the same technique. The tutorials showed a different burlap material but I had a hard time finding enough of it in the same color at my local Joann's, hence why I bought the roll of material. This is a messy project, with the fibers falling out a lot as you work, so bear that in mind.

Putting the burlap into the form definitely took the longest but once that was done, I had a blast choosing the elements to decorate the wreath! I ended up going with some fall-colored faux flowers, some glittery raven scrapbook elements, purple spiderwebbing and plastic spiders, a purple bow accented with a glittery spider, and the two figures (of course!).

If you decide to make your own wreath--or already have!--please share! I would love to see everyone's creativity...especially if it's related to Halloween ;)

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