//Paper Source Holiday Card Contest

I received an email from Paper Source featuring all of their great holiday goodies (*swoon!*) and at the bottom, they mentioned their Holiday Card Contest. At first, I thought, "I have zeroooo time for this!" but then I figured what the heck? I might as well try! And maybe this would inspire me for my holiday card this year (which I was second-guessing because c'mon, I'll have to make about 30 cards in the next month but I'm a sucker for handmade cards). The parameters of the contest are to use Paper Source products and enter the submission on Instagram using the hashtag #papersourceholidaycontest. Submit your entry by December 15 and that's it!

I was brainstorming creative ways to use Paper Source products and when I saw this wrapping paper, I was inspired! I put that paper and this washi tape in my shopping cart and waited for the goodies to arrive.

I cut out a couple of the snow globes from the paper and mounted the larger one on some thicker paper (I used mixed media paper, but you can just as well use some card stock).

I then played around with the positioning of the two snow globes and adhered the smaller one first (oh and I also put some crepe fringe paper I had lying around on the bottom of the card, though you can't see much of it on the finished product. I would just skip this step next time). The kraft card is actually part of a pack I bought from TJ Maxx and came with the scalloped edge. So cute! But also easy to do with an edge punch. I then "tied" some bakers twine with a hangtag around the larger snow globe and wrote a little sentiment with a black marker. I say "tied" because I actually taped down the ends of the twine instead of actually tying it. This has two benefits: 1) it doesn't add as much bulk as a knot would, and 2) I don't have to worry about it coming undone or anything. Then I stuck foam squares on the back of the larger cutout and adhered that on the card as well.

The next step was using the washi tape in a cool way. I decided to turn it into a banner to grace the top of the card! I used this technique before on a scrapbook page and LOVED the effect it gave, so applying it to this card was a no-brainer! The bonus is it's actually really simple to do (and can be done in front of the TV! HUZZAH!) and the effect is pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

What you do is you tear or cut pieces of washi tape, approximately 1.5" long, but the length really depends on how long you want your pennant flag to be. Stretch a piece of bakers twine (I actually tape it down on the tops of my knees and keep my legs a bit apart...as I sit on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. Don't judge me.) and place the washi tape over the twine and fold the tape over on itself. You want to position the tape so that the twine is essentially bisecting the piece of tape to ensure that you don't have a lot of the sticky part of the tape exposed. When you get all the washi pieces on your twine, cut a "v" into the bottom of your flag to turn it into a cool pennant and VOILA! BANNER TIME!

To adhere the banner, I simply put some glue on the back of each flag--towards the top--and glue it down on the card. The reason I put glue on the top of each flag is to let the ends/bottoms remain kind of free and loose. I should note that before you put any glue on your banner and adhere it, make sure you have an idea of placement. You really should try and get a sense of that before you even make your banner because that will more or less determine how many flags each banner will have, but if you don't do it until after the banner is assembled then oh well. The world doesn't end. The banner just may have to be positioned somewhere different from where you originally wanted it. No big deal.

The final thing I did on this card was add the bit of green washi tape to the inside edge. I absolutely love the scalloped edge on the front of this card and wanted to emphasize it. I chose a coordinating color of tape and carefully put it on the inside edge of the card. This way, when the card is closed you can more clearly see the scallop and it also adds another pop of color (which is always awesome).

If I were to make multiples of this card, I would definitely sit down in front of the TV and cut out all of my snow globes first. After getting a pile of those, I would write out the sentiments on the tags and "tie" those around the larger snow globes. Then I would set about making all the washi tape banners. After that, it's a matter of assembly. In all, the card only took me about 15 minutes to make (not counting all of the creative time spent playing around with positioning and all that).

So not only is this card TOTALLY doable but the cost is also very reasonable once you factor in making multiple cards. The reason? I used wrapping paper for the snow globes, remember? There are so many great designs on wrapping paper these days and if you choose a paper that has a bunch of great shapes you can use as cut-outs, you can have the main elements of your card (or scrapbook page or art journal or Project Life spread) for basically pennies per piece!

I hope this project will help you look at some supplies out there in a different and cool way! Please share your projects if you use either of these techniques!

//Paint.Plan.Play with Ashley G.

I got into art journaling a couple years back when I was in a real funk and stopped scrapbooking for awhile. I even got one of my good friends, Kim, interested in art journaling and we would get together every now and then with a bunch of supplies and just go to town! The beauty of art journaling is that it isn't one particular thing--it's whatever you want it to be. It can be simple or involved and there is something really freeing about sitting down and getting lost in just creating.

So when I heard that Studio Calico was offering an art journaling class, my interest was piqued. When I found out the class was going to be led by Ashley Goldberg, I knew I had to sign up! Ever since she collaborated with Studio Calico on some of the kit elements, I fell for her style and continue to be inspired by her. The class is called Paint. Plan. Play and it's a work-at-your-own-pace course that goes over putting together an art journal/planner, allowing you to eventually use some of the learned techniques in your other art.

The first class was about mark making and I had a TON of fun sitting down with a stack of cardstock in front of the TV and working on these.

The next lesson was about painted backgrounds. Practicing this has allowed me to try a more abstract style than I'm used to and I combined some colors that I normally wouldn't. 

Basically, the experience so far has been extremely freeing and FUN! I'm stoked to see what the rest of the class brings and I hope that it stirs that excitement I used to have with scrapbooking. It's not too late to sign up, by the way, so feel free to check it out!