//Meet the Newest Member of the Family!

A friend of mine is a foster mom for our local animal shelter and a few weeks ago she picked up two puppies--including this half-Yorkie, half-wethinkpoodlemaybe. Josh and I have been looking to get a second dog but our list of requirements was pretty specific: 

1. Must be hypoallergenic so that Josh doesn't die.
2. Must be a rescue pup.
3. Must be male because our current dog doesn't do well with females.
4. We preferred a puppy.

So when I saw the photo of this little guy, I immediately messaged her and asked what kind of dog she thought he was. That same day, Josh and I met him and he stole our hearts (Josh's especially!). Even though we kind of weren't supposed to, we had the little guy until he was "officially" released for adoption as a sort of trial run and we fell in love. Even the resident curmudgeon, Miss Svedka dog, wasn't being totally awful (she has never really had to get along with dogs, so any small amount of progress with her is amazing!). Finally, on November 20, 2014, we officially adopted the puppy formally known as Chachi (the other pup he was rescued with was named Joanie, hence...). We changed his name to Chewie, after the Wookiee our pup looks like he could be a descendent of.

Welcome to the family, Chewie!! We love you.

Sidenote: I don't want to get on a pedestal here, but I want to encourage ALL of you to adopt rather than buy a dog (or other furbaby), if possible. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten a couple of dogs from (reputable) breeders and even one from a pet store but I didn't really get the choice until this time around. I knew I wanted to adopt this time because I have seen the horror that faces many unwanted, abandoned, tortured, and misunderstood critters. Being a bleeding-heart animal lover, it absolutely breaks my heart. Also, being friends with someone who fosters dogs and who tells me of the misery they escaped...well, needless to say, it really makes one think. So please, please please consider adopting your next companion. Thank you all for reading.