//Paintings as Gifts for Friends

This year, I was all about the DIY gifts for friends. Along with some filled glass ornaments (and several failed attempts at marbled clay ring dishes), I gave each of my girlfriends a painting that I had personalized depending on the recipient.

I started out with five 8"x10" canvases and used the same technique and similar color schemes to create a background.

That involved selecting my paints--I used a blue, light portrait pink, and gold (all by Liquitex Basics)--and using a thin plastic card to apply the paint.

I squirted some of the paint on a plate (mine is a cheapie little plastic thing from Target that I saw another artist use and thought was simply adorable). I then tapped one end of the plastic card into the paint and used a squeegee-type application technique, essentially spreading the paint onto the canvas in thin layers that dry quickly. A little paint goes a long way with this.

I worked on all five canvases side-by-side, creating sister versions. I found this made the process go by faster and I appreciated that. I worked lighter colors to darker colors and used the gold to give me an accent color and also to provide me a workable background for the other painting I was going to do.

The painting at the top was for a certain friend, but other paintings were comprised of a hand-painted sentiments that were chosen for that particular friend. I had a lot of fun with this, but choosing the phrase that would perfectly fit my friend and I's friendship was easily the best.

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