//Scrapbook Layout / Halloween 2014

Let me preface this by saying that Halloween is my favorite holiday (though a close second is Christmas because I love me some holiday decorations! And gift shopping. And the food. And the cocoa...you get the idea). I love to dress up and I love giving out candy to the young trick-or-treaters. This year, though, was a bit different because Josh was directing "White Christmas" for the local theater and so he had rehearsal on Halloween night. I was invited to the little party they had (which is where the photo in the above layout was taken) and that was fun!

This Halloween ALSO marked one year to the day that we will be getting married! We didn't plan on getting married on Halloween, it just happened to work out that way since we knew we wanted an October wedding and the 31st was the only date available for the church and banquet hall we wanted. So every time someone hears we're getting married on October 31, they immediately ask, "Oh, so do you, like, really love Halloween?" The answer is a bit more complicated than "Yes!" but it's so much easier to just smile and say "Yep." ;)

So anyway, for this layout I combined shades of green and orange (colors that both Josh and I love) since they evoke Halloween and since I didn't want to use the classic orange and black combo. I centered most of my elements in the middle of the page and just layered some papers until I got an arrangement I liked. The seams between the different papers were accented with different washi tapes, which was another repeated feature on the page. I have been accumulating quite the washi tape collection and I find it to be a really easy product to use on a layout to give it that little extra something.

I used a couple different alpha sticker sets for the title and combined different die cut elements on the top left corner of the layout. On opposite corners I used the same washi tape and stuck a few elements on top, reenforcing the theme of love and happiness (because I'm a total sap!).

Finally, I added my journaling. I hate, HATE, hate my handwriting but it's all I've got, so hey. Maybe next time I'll use my typewriter ;)

My favorite feature would probably have to be all the gold acrylic stars and the wooden heart that's toward the center of the page. At first, I only placed three stars but it felt so empty and boring. So I kept adding stars until the area was more full and placed a heart around one of the stars and I ended up loving it! I find that happening a lot when I scrapbook. Does that ever happen to anyone else? You go with what you had in your mind, it doesn't look "right," so you end up changing it and it is just so much better than what you had intended? I think those moments are the best! :)

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