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Tomorrow brings my first final exam of the semester. I am simultaneously terrified (because c'mon, it's FINALS!) and excited (because I'm that much closer to being done!). My first exam is Agency and Partnership Law and as you can see, I have all the necessities nearby. Though I AM really tempted to run out and getting a different pen for these notecards...will power, Justyna, will power! Then Monday I have my Criminal Procedure final and the following Thursday I have Intellectual Property, and then I'll only have one more semester to go before graduating law school!

Being done with finals also means that I can move onto other things, of which there is plenty! I have Christmas gifts to make for friends, projects to make for my wedding, other wedding planning stuff to do, scrapbooking, CLEANING, organizing...sheesh! To think that finals are interfering with all of that! ;)

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  1. Ooo congrats on being done with the semester! Yeah, December is so crazy. SO MUCH TO DO AHH!!!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark