//Is It Too Late to Elope??

Okay, so I'm just kidding...sort of. In reality, I have no reason to complain about wedding planning. My family is generously paying for much of it, with Josh's side footing the rest of the bill. And speaking of Josh, he is an involved and enthusiastic fiancé (which helps immensely!). But being a full-time law student in her last semester, dreading taking the bar exam in July, it can weigh heavily on you as you finalize the guest list and schedule appointments with vendors and work on the gazillion DIY projects you (foolishly) decided to take on.

It is almost the end of February and the wedding is approximately 8 months away. 8 months?! When did that happen?? As I look at the checklists I've been Pinning and scouring the web to add things to the "planning folder"--which is really an accordion file, because I'm a nut!--I think of all the things left in these remaining months. Plus, since I'll be studying for the bar exam in June and July, those two months will be blacked out for me and I'll be relying almost solely on Josh to make decisions and whatnot.

It seems like a lot has yet to be taken care of, but there is also a lot done, too.

  • Bridesmaids have gone to try on their dresses, with ordering information sent out
  • Appointments have been set up to try on wedding dresses (in less than a month! AHH!)
  • Photographer has been booked
  • Engagement session has been booked
  • Guest list has been completed (just working on addresses)
  • Ring "pillow" has been made
  • Lots of decorations and centerpiece items have been made/assembled
  • Appointment with the bakery has been made for a tasting
  • Invitations have been chosen (and soon ordered!
  • Honeymoon planning is almost done
  • Bridesmaid gifts have been purchased
  • Bought wedding shoes and clutch
  • Bachelorette party has been "booked" (my MOH is keeping pretty much everything but the date and location a secret from me)
  • First dance song has been selected
  • Other things that I struggle to remember because, c'mon, there is only so much I can keep in this ol' noggin'
The church and banquet hall have long ago been booked and the band was booked not too long after, so thankfully we don't have that to worry about.

There is still a lot to do, but I've got a good team helping and for that I am extremely grateful! 

I'm suuuper nervous about going wedding dress shopping because I've never been good with clothes shopping (especially dress shopping). My body and I have always been at odds, so the idea of trying on wedding gowns for three days at four different salons is giving me major anxiety. I admit I have been watching a lot of "Say Yes to the Dress" and in some ways it has made me feel better because I see what certain dresses can do for you. For example, I never would have considered a mermaid-type gown because I would think it's too fitted, but if it laces in the back you can actually shape your body somewhat with the corseting. Now I'm really excited to try those dresses on! But we'll see in the end what makes it. I tell my guy everything, so it will be really tough keeping the dress a secret for seven months!

Other things to do in the coming couple of months:
  • Buy the wedding dress, veil, and other accessories
  • Figure out bridal shower
  • Book the honeymoon
  • Finish Pre-Cana (we're having a Catholic ceremony)
  • Compile a photography checklist for the wedding
  • Work on song list (I'm still looking for just the right father-daughter song...)
  • Order invitations (after getting the rest of the addresses)
  • Josh needs to purchase groomsmen gifts
  • Buy flower girl/ring bearer gifts
  • Finalize the menu
  • Find a florist
  • Finish up my DIY projects (paper flowers, guestbook, marquee letters, signage...)
  • Schedule meeting with priest
  • Schedule rehearsal
  • Pay the balance of the photo booth rental
  • Book hair stylist and makeup artist
  • Buy wedding bands (they're already picked out)
  • Book hotel rooms
So yeah, it probably would have been easier to elope ;) But man, our parents would have killed us. I know that both sides of the family are just as excited as we are for this wedding and that amount of love is an amazing feeling. So even though there are moments when I think planning a wedding is insane, I'm still so over the moon to marry my best friend and soulmate that I can't help but smile and trudge on. It's all going to be worth it in the end :)

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