//So What's Going On, Lady?

//photo printed on vellum and placed in a "floating frame"//

Happy 2015!! Hard to believe it's a whole 'nother year already, but I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic about this one! ;)

Here at Major Stress Headquarters, I have found myself with little free time to scrapbook, read for pleasure, or anything else I normally find highly enjoyable. I have decided to do something about that and actually carve out time for my hobbies--otherwise I'm going to become boring and way less fun. No one wants that, amiright? So this past weekend, I spent two--TWO!--days getting caught up on my Project Life album. I'm not going to share shots of the full pages because, to be completely honest, they're all pretty lame. I wasn't going to much for quality because I knew that if I allowed myself 2+ hours per page, I would never get it done. I had two months of pages to work on, so I wasn't afforded the luxury of taking my time. But I WILL share some detail photos!

//a little bit of washi tape and some alpha stickers snazz up a pre-made title card//

//I used parts of a program from the musical my fiancé directed instead of including the entire thing//

//hand-drawn lines made for a nice journaling spot//

//I sewed these little Instax prints onto a transparency sheet//

In other scrapbooking news, I've decided to change up my Project Life format for 2015. I don't know what it is exactly about a new year turning over, but it really does put you in a "refreshed" mindset, doesn't it? Anyway, once I saw how far behind I was on doing my weekly PL spreads, I realized that doing a weekly page was not compatible with my lifestyle. For one thing, I tend to get way behind on my pages (see paragraph above). Secondly, I just don't have enough cool things to scrap about every week. I'm a full-time law student with no children...and there is really only so much I can write about my two dogs before I turn into a crazy person. Granted, I am in the midst of planning a wedding, but a lot of it has been "behind-the-scenes" kind of stuff. You know, booking a church and hall. Hiring a band. All of the more interesting stuff--trying on wedding dresses, tasting cakes, finding a florist--will be coming up soon and THAT is what I plan to highlight. I digress.

My updated format for PL was borrowed from Stephanie Bryan. I saw her video on Studio Calico's website and fell in love with her informal, playful, and creative album! She documents her Project Life monthly and adds in pages that are sometimes in page protectors and sometimes not, sometimes printed on photo paper and sometimes printed on vellum (a technique which I have used many times and ADORE). I like the idea of doing a monthly album because I can add as I go and don't have to dedicate an entire page to something. If I only have a program from a show I saw, I can punch holes and add it to the album. I'm not saying I can't do that in my previous approach to PL, but I'm all about consistency. Therefore, simply adding some ephemera to my album amongst all my weekly spreads would feel very strange for me. And hey, if you don't like something when undertaking an artistic endeavor, why keep doing it? It's not going to serve you any good and isn't that kind of the point? I'm planning on finishing up the January section of my album (because I'm keeping all the months in as few albums as I can get away with, instead of creating a separate album for each month) and then sharing photos of the pages. I'm also considering making a video describing some of the techniques I used in the album, but that all depends on whether I can figure out all this technology stuff. I'm kind of hopeless...

//current view of workspace (that mini-page you see looks VERY different now that it's completed)//

Aside from all of that fun scrapbooking stuff, it's been business as usual. The Boy and I have selected (but not yet purchased) our wedding bands, settled on a menu for the reception, and finalized our gift registries. Things are progressing on Operation: Get Hitched and that makes me super happy. School is going fine for now, but I imagine things are about to get really interesting once the semester really gets rolling.

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