//Save-the-Date DIY with Photo Stickers

I have been a DIY-er and paper crafter for years, so when I began planning our wedding I anticipated taking on some (okay, many) projects. This one, in particular, was one I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with! I knew that the invitations would be way too much work for me but the save-the-dates could be more manageable. I'm going to share with you how I made these and provide tips I've learned along the way, as well as any resources you might find useful :)

If you're interested in a creative save-the-date that provides your guests with a cute (and unique!) way to add a reminder of your wedding, keep reading!

Thanks to the blog Something Turquoise, these printables were provided free of charge--so a BIG THANK YOU to them! I used the updated version they created and printed everything out. I chose a kraft card stock for the main portion of the card and used a peach-toned paper for the smaller portion where the stickers are. Speaking of the stickers, I used Social Print Studio and ordered their books of stickers. You receive 252 stickers which makes 126 cards. Their website allows you to use a photo uploaded from your computer or from your Instagram account and frankly, I'm in love with all of their products!

I estimated how many copies I needed of each printable and printed everything out. Then I sat down with my trusty paper trimmer and began cutting everything and sorting things out. I cut apart both sets of printables as well as the sticker book so that I would have mini-strips of two stickers apiece. Once that was done, I took a corner-rounding punch and rounded the corners on all of my papers. 

*Print more than you need because you will mess up a couple and you will be glad you had extra.
*Work in an assembly line fashion by printing everything out first, using a paper trimmer to cut everything apart, and then rounding the corners. This will take you the longest, so put a TV show on Netflix (might I recommend "Parks and Recreation"?), pour yourself a glass (or two) of wine and get to work!
*You can use the papers to really incorporate your wedding colors, if you choose. Just be sure to choose papers where you can still clearly read the text.
*If you feel extra ambitious, you can use a patterned paper to back the smaller portion. This would be more ideal if you have fewer than 100 cards to make--or if you have a few helpers!
*Rounding the corners is not necessary, but I believe this leaves you a nice margin for error. If something isn't cut perfectly straight or placed "just right", I think it's less likely to show with rounded corners.
*When ordering the stickers, be sure to pay attention to the cropping in the preview so that no text or important portion of the image gets cut off. When you crop the photo for the sticker, the bleed area won't be taken into consideration until you preview the entire book.


I then laid out the smaller portions face-down and applied tape adhesive on the shorter edges before placing them in the appropriate position on the larger portion of the card. You can use a glue stick here if you like, but I prefer tape adhesive because I don't have to concern myself with the adhesive drying. Once I finished that, I proceeded in a similar fashion with the sticker strips. I put a small amount of the adhesive on the card portion rather than the sticker strips and then stuck the sticker strips on top. 

*Work in batches of about 10 cards (or however many you can comfortably lay out on your table/workspace.
*Do NOT--I repeat, DO NOT--concern yourself with making everything the exact same size or exactly the same. These are HANDMADE and will result in each card being a little different. That is OKAY. Breathe. You got this. Once you accept this, everything will be fiiiine.


Taking a small heart stamp, I used a red ink pad to ink up the stamp and stamp over the applicable month and day. I inked the stamp once and had enough ink to stamp the image twice, which made the job go faster! This is another step where I really recommend laying out a bunch of cards and working in batches. A dye ink will dry quickly, allowing you to work at a faster pace and not worry about your ink smearing.

*Instead of a stamp, you can do what Something Turquoise did and use the eraser end of a pencil. Or simply circle the month and day with a marker. You can use whatever is easiest for you. I just happened to have a tiny heart stamp :)
*If you don't want to use red ink, then don't! This is another good spot to incorporate your wedding colors, if you prefer.


The final step is to ink the edges of the card with a black ink pad. You can ink both portions of the card, if you want--and I actually did that in the prototype I made. However, when it came down to doing the actual cards, I felt better about eliminating that extra step. Making one hundred of these in one sitting will cause you to reconsider some things...like making them in the first place. I kid (but seriously, though...I'm a crazy person). 

The size of the cards should translate to an A6 size envelope. I ordered mine in bulk from ebay and plan on sealing them with a variety of washi tapes to add some more interest.

Some final tips:
*These are not difficult, but they ARE time-consuming. I made them all by myself because I'm a control-freak who happens to also be an insomniac. I do recommend getting some help and turning it into a craft night--just add wine! However, if you can survive trimming everything, I think you'll be okay. That is honestly the most tedious part of all of this and easily the part where I considered scrapping it all about a half dozen times.
*Shop around for supplies to get the best price if staying to a particular budget is key to you (or borrow from friends!). If you don't pay attention, you can end up spending as much as it would cost you to just order save-the-dates from somewhere.

If you decide to make these, please share them with me! I would love to see the end results!! :)

//this is the packaging I used for the cards we will be giving our parents//
//confetti from The Confetti Bar//


  1. This has to be the coolest 'save the date' cards I've ever seen. Definitely my style. Thanks for sharing the process.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked it! :)

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    1. Thanks, sugar!! You'll be getting one in the mail soon ;)