//2015 Scrapbook Album / February Edition

Better late than never, as they always say. Here is the video for my February album. I kind of cheated because I basically made February and March together, but they managed to turn out with several differences. I think a large part of that has to do with the products used, but I'll take whatever I can get!

Here is the video for the February run-through.

Some things I've learned after February:

  • Stay organized! It's so much simpler to put together a month's worth of "stuff" for an album when you keep your photos and ephemera sorted. I talk about it a little more on the video, but starting with just folders on your computer is a great way to go!
  • Keeping the same elements throughout the month is a wonderful to use up supplies AND keep your month looking cohesive. In February I kept a similar color scheme and used the same supplies on almost each page--it helped me work through my stash!
  • In need of background papers? MAKE THEM! I took Ashley Goldberg's art journaling class through Studio Calico and applied those techniques to makes simple (but effective!) background papers for my album. They were the perfect size and worked absolutely fine.

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