//DIY Wedding Goodies for the Younger Guests

When Josh and I became engaged and started to plan our wedding, it had never crossed my mind that children would not be invited. Every wedding I had ever gone to had gaggles of kids running around and having a good time--then again, every wedding I've ever been to (with the exception of two that were rather recent) has been a Polish wedding and I guess maybe it's a cultural thing? Regardless, I knew that kids were more than welcome and I also knew that I wanted to do something special for them since our wedding is on Halloween. Hey, I'm willing to bet that kids don't care about the fact they're going to have to attend a wedding when it's Halloween and they'd rather be trick-or-treating. My solution? Putting together a little "bundle" of goodies for the kids that will not only keep them occupied, but will also imbue the wedding with a little Halloween spirit.

I started by ordering my supplies. I'm an online ordering kind of gal, so I used Oriental Trading for the components. I ordered coloring books in a Halloween theme, crayons, and some candy. With the candy, I chose some rainbow lollipops because there is a stick to help with messy handling and they're cute as heck!

Using baker's twine, I tied everything together. You can use some clear tape to help things stick together, if necessary. If you stand up the little bundles, the crayons and lollipop will probably fall out and so I recommend laying them in flat piles.

To keep everything together, I purchased an unfinished wooden crate from a craft store and stacked everything inside. I bought a few different fabrics at a craft store in pastel versions of Halloween colors and cut up strips using pinking shears. I knotted the strips around a long line of burlap (or whatever it is) twine (you can use whatever you have in hand) and strung it around the top edge of the crate, just to add a bit more interest and to go with the look of our wedding.

In front of the crate will be this small chalkboard sign (purchased at Michael's on clearance--SCORE!) that reads, "Kids, please take one!"

Overall, this was very simple and could be done in one afternoon. I just like the idea of being considerate of all guests, big or little! Also, this is something that could be adapted into virtually any theme or altered to be as simple or detailed as you want! Think of the options: you could paint the crate or use another object to hold the bundles, you could change the candy, you could add small toys, or you could even print up customized candy wrappers.

Update: I put each little bundle in a clear cellophane bag because the lollipops and crayons would slip out, and I didn't want some guests to accidentally not get one of the items. Putting everything in bags also enabled me to stack them standing against each other. You can get a bag of 100 bags on the cheap from Amazon, and the extra bags can be used for all sorts of things. For reference, these are the bags I decided to go with.

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