//Swearing In Ceremony

I'm an official attorney, licensed to practice law in Illinois!! November 5, 2015, I was sworn in and received my law license! It was a great day, and one that I shared with my new husband, my parents, and my mother- and father-in-law.

Afterward, we all went to lunch and chatted about the wedding and honestly it was such a wonderful time. I genuinely love that my and Josh's families get along so well and I consider us lucky.

//First Comes Love, Then Comes...

On October 31, 2015, I married my soulmate, best friend, and greatest love, Joshua. It was a day full of exhaustion, stress, and inclimate weather. And it was perfect.

Some of my fondest memories include:
-Crying when I saw myself as a bride for the first time
-Running behind to the church and my dad insisting my maid of honor and I take swigs of Johnnie Walker Black Label in the backseat of the car to calm down
-Walking down the aisle and locking eyes with Josh the entire way
-My dad tripping over my train after "giving me away"
-Finishing off a bottle of Blanton's on the party bus on the way to the reception
-Singing to Josh during our first dance
-Sobbing during the dance with my father as he kissed my hand and told me "I always will" in response to the song lyrics (the song was "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King)
-Shots with dad and seeing how positively happy he was
-Truly feeling the love and joy in the room
-Having my new nieces call me "Aunt Justyna"
-Josh picking bobby pins out of my hair at the end of the night as I lay on the bed in my underwear, stuffing pizza into my face (I was SOOOO hungry!)

//DIY Wedding Favors / Terrariums

Howdy, folks! So now that the wedding has come and gone, I feel like it's okay to share what the wedding favors were! I gave a hint when I posted about the clay mushrooms, so I'm curious as to whether anyone was able to figure it out ;) Those little mushrooms went inside these bad boys!

That's right. I made 212 mini-terrariums. By myself. Why? Insanity, maybe. But also it's because I love crafts and DIY and I wanted to share that with our guests. Overall, I'm super pleased with how they turned out--and I got a lot of disbelief when I told some people that I had made them. To a crafter, that's always a great compliment :)

To be honest, they were quite simple and quick to make individually. Once I got to around 8 or so, I was really getting into a groove and found that I could do about 32 to 40 a day.

I bought almost everything from either Amazon or eBay to get the best value. The moss came from Amazon, as did the scalloped tags (which included the jute string, so bonus!). The clay to make the mushrooms also came from Amazon (be sure to read this post to learn more about how I made those). The little trees came from eBay, as did the "pumpkins" which are actually something called putka pods and were MUCH cheaper than trying to find tiny pumpkins. The bell jars came from The Knot and they were what inspired the whole idea of making terrariums. They were definitely the priciest of all supplies used, but I made sure to keep an eye on The Knot site for discount codes and I ended up getting them at 20% off.

I used a TON of hot glue in making these, and I also made sure to glue the lids to the bases to keep everything intact.

The tags I stamped with a custom stamp I ordered from Mancoo Design on Etsy. The stamp fit perfectly in the tag, so that was awesome!

If you're into giving your guests something unique as a wedding favor, I hope you consider these terrariums. They are a lot of work, but they bring a lot of joy :)

Supplies Used:
Crayola Air Dry Clay (for mushrooms) - Amazon
Bell Jars - The Knot
Preserved Reindeer Moss - Amazon
Decorative Trees - from skullcrown on eBay
Putka Pods - from streetcarj on eBay
Scalloped Tags - Amazon
Stamp (used on tags) - Mancoo Design