//Hey Girl Hey! / Little Baby B-Wing

When I found out I was pregnant, the baby was teeeeny. According to babysizer.com (a fun website for all the pregnant folk out there!), the baby was the size of a waterbear--a microanimal that can withstand a whole mess of stuff, even though it looks funky. For some reason, that really stuck in my mind and so I started calling the baby Waterbear. Now that many weeks have passed, I thought it would be interesting to come up with a new nickname. Babysizer to the rescue yet again! At 14 weeks, the baby is apparently the size of an original 1977 Star Wars action figure...which prompted this conversation with my lovely husband.

//we are adults...trust me//

I originally suggested Baby Death Star, but I guess the hubs is more on the Rebels side of things. Works for me! So Baby B-Wing it is!

The last ultrasound I had, I was at 11 weeks and some days. I wasn't supposed to have an ultrasound at all, but the baby was being difficult and the doctor couldn't pick up its heartbeat on the doppler. When we saw the baby on the screen, it turned to face us like it knew we were watching! So trippy! This baby was moving so much that it's a little hard to believe all of that is going on inside my body and I can't feel it!

//we have a wiggly kid on our hands!//
Speaking of a doppler, I ordered one a few weeks ago and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. The first time I was able to find the baby's heartbeat on my own, I was just hypnotized. It was SUCH a reassuring feeling! I was a passenger in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and it was terrifying because while I felt fine, I didn't know if the baby was okay. The driver of the car is also pregnant, but she's far enough along that she could be reassured by the baby's movements and kicking. I don't have that luxury quite yet, so that night I used the doppler at home and found the heartbeat and it saved me a trip to my OB. I knew the baby was okay. And then I was okay. I recorded one of my doppler sessions--the galloping sound is the baby's healthy heartbeat.

Since becoming pregnant, I have been suuuper tired. I hear that the fatigue and exhaustion subsides during the second trimester so I'm hoping for that silver lining. For now, I get as much sleep as I can--you know, before the baby gets here and I forget what sleep is.

//getting a sleep mask was one of the best choices i've ever made//
Surprisingly, I have not had many cravings that I can really think of. The other day, I really wanted fried rice from this certain Chinese restaurant. So I freakin' got it. Usually, though, I'll just want lots of water or lots of fruits--strawberries, kiwi, etc. Sometimes I'll get a real sweet tooth and the only ting that will suffice is some frozen custard or Oreos and milk. To be honest, I'm not sure if the cravings I'm having are pregnancy-related or just my regular ol' fatty cravings. Either way, it works for me!

//"fruit is a GREAT substitute for cookies," said no one ever//
Anyway, this past weekend was my cousin's daughter's First Communion (oh, the joys of being in a Catholic family!). It was the first time I was going to see a lot of my family since we publicly announced the pregnancy. I was a little nervous to go, what with not feeling great (fatigue, headache) and not thinking I looked all that good (bloating, dry skin, acne). But I glammed myself up and the hubs and I went. I'm glad we did! Everyone was congratulating us and asking how I felt and saying how happy and excited they were. It was truly a wonderful experience and it made me feel so darn good about myself!

//the hubby and i at the First Communion//
One thing I definitely plan to do with Baby B-Wing is babywear. I think it's a marvelous way to bond with your baby--even daddy can do it!--and it allows you to be hands-free! YAAASSS!! So I got a couple of wraps from Happy! Baby Wrap to give myself plenty of time to practice (confession: I even got a doll from Target...DON'T JUDGE ME!). One evening, I decided to try on a living creature...and my dog, Chewie, happened to be a good size and weight to give it a shot. Surprisingly, he handled it really well and just hung out there, his dopey little paws hanging outside the wrap. Seriously though, I am pretty pleased with how easy it is getting for me to wrap around my body and position everything correctly. I even put one on my husband so he could see how it works!

//Hey Girl Hey! / I've Been a Bit Busy...

I know, I know. It's a classic excuse utilized by just about everyone. But in my case, it's been an exceedingly accurate description of my life lately. The job I had at the beginning of the year I ended up leaving, and instead took a job much closer to home with a lot more appealing qualities. So far, I'm feeling like this is a great fit (at least for me, and I hope for them, too!) and I could certainly see myself here long-term.

But there's been something else, and now that we've told everyone I guess I can share it here :)

That's right! We're expecting our first little pumpkin this October! My husband and I couldn't be more over the moon about it! Today I entered week 12 and so far, it's been a pretty complication-free pregnancy (a couple of "scares" but everything seems okay). We're anxious to find out the gender in mid-May because I'm pretty sure that's when my mom and I will really starting buying up baby goodies ;)

So I haven't posted in awhile because my entire life lately has revolved around this baby and since I couldn't share anything yet, it makes it tough to find other things to talk about haha. Today, I also told my new boss about the baby since I want to give them plenty of time to get things adjusted around my maternity leave. I think they took it well and everything will work out, but it's always pretty stressful when you're in that situation.

I've been putting together a pregnancy scrapbook album, so after this week I'll put up a flip-through video of the first trimester.

Stay tuned for a TON of baby posts ;)