//Momesty Corner / Thanks for Touching?

Hello, folks! In this edition of Momesty Corner, I'm going to give my take on an all-too-common and familiar experience that expecting mothers have--people touching their bellies/bumps. Is every pregnant individual going to take issue with this practice? Probably not. But I know of a lot that do, and I think it's something that every pregnant woman goes through at some point in her pregnancy.

My first experience with this was when I was just about 13 weeks along. I had publicly announced to family and friends that I was expecting only the week before, and I was attending a First Communion where I saw and interacted with a lot of my family. Mind you, at this point I wasn't even showing yet. I'm not the fittest gal on the block and I had some fluff pre-pregnancy, so I was already a little more than self-conscious of my belly. Then, when I was saying my goodbyes, one of my relatives reached out and touched my stomach to "say goodbye" to baby. Look, I know they didn't mean it to be an offensive gesture and I know she was only trying to be sweet. But damn it, it bugged me--and continues to bug me when it happens.

Case in point: a salesperson at the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom decided she should touch my belly. Again, I was NOT showing yet. Lady, what you're touching there is my fat, a'thank you very much. Also, just because you're friendly with my mother does not make it okay to touch a freaking stranger. Maybe it's because I, myself, could never imagine touching the stomach or bump of a person I barely know or am not good friends with? Whatever it is, I think it's a weird thing for people to do.

Now that I'm showing more (and at almost 23 weeks, I think everyone expects me to be showing), I am expecting that a lot more bump-touching is going to go down. I don't mind my husband, mom, and a limited group of particular individuals doing it. But so help me if a stranger decides that they would like to come in contact with a precious vessel for human life. I'm liable to be quite brusque about it.

If you've had this experience, I'd love to hear about it! Did it bother you? Did you let it slide? Did you say something clever to the toucher? Let me know in the comments!

EDITED TO ADD: I've come to terms with the fact that family is going to do this, and I'm okay with it for the most part. But I still get squirmy when strangers and the like try to touch my belly...to me, that's still odd.


  1. Y'know, I almost asked if I could when you picked the dogs up, but then I was like, would that be weird? So I didn't. You deserve bodily autonomy, too.

    1. If you ask, I totally mind! It's just those unsolicited touches that make me pause and go, "What?" lol