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I am so happy to announce that the hubs and I are expecting a sweet (hopefully!) little girl!! We are beyond excited to know we are having a daughter and we are already anxious to meet her. We even refer to her by name now--though we won't be publicly sharing the name we chose except for a few people (everyone has their comments, you know?).

In similar news, this past Monday marked my reaching the 20th week of my pregnancy--HALFWAY THERE!! It is so hard to believe that so much time has passed, and while I know we still have a ways to go, it makes me giddy knowing that our daughter is coming in less than 20 weeks. At least, I hope so because if I go too long beyond my due date, I doubt I'll be feeling that great! ;)

For those wondering about the photo above, that was how we told our parents and my brother the news! The process to make the eggs took a while, but I think the frustration and effort was well worth it to get the reactions we did! First, I hollowed out some eggs by creating small holes in the top and bottom and carefully blowing out the insides. Then, I submerged the entire egg in pink dye--this is how I got the inside to be pink, as well. Then I glued patches of white tissue paper to cover one of the holes, filled the inside with confetti and glitter and a scroll of paper that read "It's a girl!", and covered the other hole with tissue paper. Finally, I spray painted the entire egg gold to cover the pink dye on the outside. My number one tip for this is MAKE SURE TO LET THE EGGS DRY before filling them! Trust me on this. Give it several days, if you can.

Enjoy the videos below of our family cracking open the news :)

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