//Momesty Corner / Either I Don't "Look Pregnant" or People Just Suck

As I mentioned in my previous post, Josh and I took a babymoon to downtown Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. I was so excited to show off my very-obvious-to-me bump, so I packed some dresses that I thought would do a good job emphasizing this new addition to my body. Not that I really needed to do that because I've gotten in the habit of rubbing or touching my belly almost every chance I get now that she is moving a lot more in there. Pretty quickly into our trip, I began to take note of something that, at first, I assumed I was imagining--no one acted as though I were pregnant (aside from my husband, natch). Allow me to clarify...

Whenever we would be walking down the street together, not a single person ever made way for me to pass. Nor did anyone ever give up or offer up their seat to me if I was standing. No one congratulated me or asked me those semi-intrusive questions that strangers love to ask when they find out you're expecting, even when I was engaged in aforementioned belly-stroking. In fact, the only time anyone commented on my expectant nature was when I brought it up (the waitress at Lawry's asked if we were celebrating anything special and I told her we were in town for a babymoon...though there really needs to be a phrase I feel less silly saying out loud to people).

At first, I thought maybe it was all in my head. Then I was convinced that I must just look fat instead of pregnant. Why else would no one bestow upon me those random acts of kind favors that I hear about happening to other pregnant ladies all the time?? I'm not one to play the pregnancy card, but there were definitely times that I would have loved to sit down but all the seats were taken...not a single glance given my way at all.

When I brought this up to my husband, his response was very simple: "People are assholes." Sure, easy enough to say but was that really the case? So I recounted my experiences to other people and their answer to me was virtually the same. So this begs the question of who, exactly, is getting this preferential, expectant mother treatment these days that was touted to me by formerly-pregnant women?

I'm really curious to ask other currently-pregnant or recently-pregnant women about their experiences and see if they encountered similar treatment. In the meantime, I'll keep one hand on my stomach at all times to really drive the point home ;)

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