//Oh Baby, Baby...

Hello, there! There have been a few baby "developments" since I last posted on this blog, and it's kind of exciting to see my pregnancy progress and approach the end! Today marks my entrance into Week 26 of pregnancy, meaning that I'm nearing the third trimester. That's a little hard for me to believe because I still feel like there is so much to do before our little girl gets here!

//at the Adler Planetarium//

Now that I'm at 26 weeks, she is moving around a lot more regularly and today I was able to actually see her moving from the outside! It was hypnotic and I'm excited to share that with my husband tonight--even though seeing the baby moving like that kind of freaks him out haha. Overall, I feel pretty great and think I look all right for someone who is almost seven months pregnant--it's just the heartburn that's becoming a nuisance. But that's what Pepcid and Tums are for!

//we found these amazing blocks at Galt Baby in Chicago!//

We've already cleared out what will be the nursery, so we still have to take the things off the walls, clear out the closet, steam clean the carpets, and paint to get it ready for furniture and decor. I think once we see the nursery all set up, it's going to feel all too real to us that our daughter will be here soon!

//we're hoping this Marie Curie doll will spark an interest in STEM with our daughter// 
My first baby shower is in about a month. It will be the one my mother-in-law is throwing and while being the center of attention makes me anxious, I'm still looking forward to it. Then, the following week, is the "friend shower" and I'm so excited and thankful for my friend Kim taking on this task! The invites she showed me are beyond adorable (hint: they feature Batman) and the fact that she offered to do this just blows me over. I'm very lucky to have such wonderful, loving friends and I don't take that for granted in the slightest.

//these puppets were at Open Books, where we found some awesome concert posters for the nursery//

At the end of next month I will be getting my maternity photos taken and I've just ordered the dresses for it. I'm stoked to see them in person and since I trust my photographer immensely, I can't wait to see the end product because I know she'll do a gorgeous job. Of course, I'll have to dedicate a blog post to just those photos ;)

//my handsome baby daddy at Grange Burger Hall where we gorged ourselves//

Over 4th of July weekend, hubs and I took a "babymoon" to downtown Chicago for three nights. It was perfection! We spent the weekend indulging at wonderful restaurants and buying up adorable things for the baby. We did our fair share of walking and I had the blisters to prove it, but it was all worth it. That same amazing friend of mine, Kim, volunteered to watch the doggies so Josh and I could lurve on each other all weekend and we are both BEYOND thankful to her for that! It helps that our dogs absolutely love her.

//Chicago, here we come!//

//our hotel was right on the Chicago River//

//Stan's become a go-to almost every day we were downtown...YUM!//

//I found these "digestif candies" at Eataly and just love the packaging (I even saved it to frame later)//

//lemon AND cucumber water at Grange Burger Hall//

//we went to Lawry's our last night in town and I have never eaten that much food before in my life!//

//we stood in line for the Planetarium for over an hour...sort of worth it//

At my most recent OB appointment, they did another ultrasound to try and get some of anatomy scans they couldn't get last time. Naturally, our girl was in essentially the same position as before, so there were still a couple of areas they weren't able to scan. But from what the tech could see, things looked good and that's a wonderful thing to hear. My next appointment will involve the infamous glucose screening. That means I get to drink what amounts to a very sugary, flat soda after fasting all morning, wait an hour, and get my blood drawn to see if my body process glucose in a satisfactory manner. If not, I'll get the privilege to do a longer test--I'd rather avoid that, so I'm hoping my body cooperates. It's still so strange knowing that after my next appointment, I'll be entering the third trimester and seeing my OB every two weeks instead of every four!

//not to be too cheesy, but pregnancy has me feeling sexier than ever...even with the dry, splotchy skin haha//

//taken at Eataly...can you tell I'm in love with this dress?? I'm wearing it right now. Literally//

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