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When I started thinking about how I wanted the nursery to look, it was a little difficult narrowing down the color palette to something that I thought was not overly girly, could transition well to a toddler bedroom (assuming we stay in our current home long enough for that), and that Josh and I would enjoy looking at given that we are grown ups. I wanted to avoid using a singular theme in the room because I felt that would be too limiting for me, and if I used a color palette instead then I could mix and match a variety of items and everything would still go together. What was not at all difficult, however, was knowing that mint green was going to be a major color in the room--after all, it's my absolute favorite color (you just have to look at my wedding photos for proof of that).

I ultimately decided on a palette where mint and grey would be anchor colors, and a couple of different pinks, peach, and yellow would be accent colors.

This past weekend, the hubs and I painted the wall colors. The wall that you first see upon entering the room will be an accent wall. I have big plans for that wall and it starts with a base of this beautiful mint green. We used Valspar Reserve and added a product called Floetrol to the paint, which supposedly eliminates brush marks and roller streaks by conditioning the paint and "flooding" it in those areas.

I'm not sure if it was the Floetrol or the paint itself, but everything dried beautifully, even though it made me anxious to see what the wet walls looked like. The entire time we painted, I kept looking at the walls and thinking that we would have to do a second coat for sure simply because it looked patchy. However, we were able to get away with one coat because it looked so different--so much BETTER--when dry.

Josh finished touching up the paint and edging the corner where the green and grey meet, so now the mint wall is ready for its final touch. I'm not going to share exactly what I'm doing with it just yet...you know, in case it totally blows up in my face and ends up turning out horrible. FINGERS CROSSED!

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