//Sunday Scrap / December Daily / Days 1 through 6

Hello, hello! This is my first year doing December Daily (for more information on this seasonal memory-keeping project, please visit the website of the creator, Ali Edwards) and I am really enjoying this project because it's the most scrapbooking/crafting I've done since Hazel was born. Also, the practice of regular crafting has been therapeutic and comforting and who doesn't like that?!

As far as the overall look goes, I am not really going with any one color scheme for this year and am just letting the products guide me.  I'm using a mix of products from a mini-kit released this year, as well as the main kit and other products from last year's offerings. In addition, I'm utilizing products from my stash and some finds from Target's Dollar Spot. Be sure to check out that section at your local Target, as there are some great scrapbooking products like stickers and paper pads and holiday-shaped sequins available! I love the use of metallics and don't mind mixing metallics, even on the same page, so there is a lot of that going on. I also love using glitter for this album (something I normally hate because let's be honest, it gets everywhere you don't want it to) because it just looks so fun and festive. In general, I'm trying to stay away from the traditional red-and-green color scheme and am incorporating lots of pinks and other fun, bright colors. Maybe next year I will stick with a certain color scheme, but this year it's more of an off-the-cuff process.

This album is also an opportunity for me to combine different techniques and looks to add visual interest. I love dimension in scrapbooks and although it adds bulk to the album, I can't imagine not including chipboard or wood veneer or layered elements. When I flip through this album years from now, I know I'm going to enjoy their inclusion.

Finally, I don't stress too much about this process. On the 2"x 2" collage pocket pages, I don't worry about adding things so that the back has something, too, and I love being able to see through to other pages. Some of the photos weren't edited and I don't mind that, either, because the important thing is to just include them and preserve the memories in some way. That is the whole point of a scrapbook in the first place, and even more so with December Daily.

Please take a look at the video of the flip-through for the first six days of my December Daily album. For those who are allergic to videos, I've also got photos of most of the pages with some explanations of techniques or details where applicable. I didn't include photos of each and every page because some of them are very simplified and hey, I don't want to bore you.

For other posts regarding December Daily, check out this link and view all of my pages!

//the text on this album was already printed, but I added the red acrylic snowflake shape and the rubber phrase to the front for added interest and to act as a "title" for the album//

//the opener to the album is two-fold. The top layer is a transparency from one of December Daily mini-kits, upon which I adhered a layered element made up of a wood veneer snowflake, a wood veneer tree, and a rubber phrase. Beneath that is a letter I wrote to my daughter, for whom the album is dedicated, and I repeated the text to create a block. I then printed it on vellum//
//this page contains various embellishments including shaped sequins, a pretty mix of sequins from a December Daily mini-kit, wood veneer snowflakes, wood veneer trees, and some flair buttons. I love that you can see through to the layout below.//

//this tag is from last year's offerings and I just added some washi tape, a rubber phrase, and a chipboard sticker. I made sure to include a number somewhere for each day's layout to designate the date//

//this was one of my favorite mini-pages. I painted glue in the place where the milkshake would be and then poured glitter over that so it looks like a cup full of glitter! Festive!//

//this chipboard "4" was used to denote the day after I realized that it fit perfectly in the rings of the binder. The back looked plain, so I coated it in a rosy-gold glitter...can you tell I'm really digging the glitter?//

//this page contains several 2"x2" photos and snowflake sequins (from Target!) and then I sewed across the rows to not only seal the pages so the sequins wouldn't fall out, but also because I love the look! Don't overthink this and try to get "perfect" lines. It'll drive you nuts and besides, the imperfect look adds more interest!//

//more sewing! This page has a patterned 6"x8" piece of paper, a digital image from Push Print Studio that I printed on vellum and trimmed down, some kraft paper, and a 3"x4" card with the number "5." I layered all of that and sewed around the edges. I like the look of the ends of the thread being a little long, but what you do is up to you!//

//this is the back of the page above. I really like the look of sew lines so I didn't want to cover that up. I simply added some foiled patterned paper and a chipboard "5" mounted on some foam squares. Simple and graphic. I didn't really have to do anything on the back of this since I already denoted the date on the other side, but I wanted to showcase those beautiful sew lines.//

//this is some detail on one of the 4"x6" cards that I used. I adhered two wood veneer trees and on the red one, I used dimensional adhesive to glue red sequins and the same adhesive to add "spots" on the tree. The blue tree is topped with a glitter chipboard star.//

//this is a gratuitous shot of my baby girl...but seriously, this is such a simple layout in which the top card has text printed onto cardstock and embellished with stickers and the bottom is a photo collage with a white dividing line so it looks like two 3"x4" cards. The white text is typed on the photo.//

//for December 6, I used a 3"x8" pocket page with a tree chipboard sticker stuck inside and then glitter added to the pocket. The tag is actually a card cut into a tag shape and then I sewed across the top of the pocket to adhere the tag and seal in the glitter. More glitter for everyone!!//

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