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I know, I know. I've been slacking on the album. Awesome story, I ran out of ink and couldn't do any work on it. Ugh. BUT I've got it almost all finished. Hence, there are a bunch of days I'm posting about today. December 7 through 22, to be precise. Below is a video where I go over the pages real quick, and if you are not into videos, there are photos, too!

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For this page, I trimmed down a 6"x8" paper to fit into a 4"x6" pocket and embellished it very simply with some glitter chipboard stars and dots I made by dipping glue dots into glitter.

I chose some ornaments to feature and numbered each of them so they correspond to a description on the journaling card. To designate December 7, I trimmed part of a red chipboard "7" to fit into the pocket. The remaining pockets were filled with some cool gift tags I bought from Target's gift wrap section. I have mentioned before that I love to add things to the binder rings for a little surprise when flipping through the album. Here, I took some chipboard ornament elements and put powder on the backs to deactivate the stickiness. I then punched holes and added bakers twine (another favorite product!) and strung them on the rings.

The "8" was wrapped with a bit of twine and inserted into the rings. Under that is a little gift bag with the words "Be Merry" already printed on it and which I repurposed to hold...

Our Christmas card! There is a separate card with handwritten journaling to describe the card selection. 

December 9 was all about traditions, past present and future. I typed out a simple title card to fit into the top right 3"x4" pocket. Then on a single 4"x6" utilized a Studio Calico heart-printed card that I cropped to be able to use different-colored hearts. I have the traditions my husband grew up with under "Dad" and the ones I grew up with under "Mom."

On the back of that pocket page I have our current traditions in the top right 3"x4" and some future traditions I would like to start with our daughter journaled on the 4"x6" on the bottom. Since Hazel was only a couple months old this past Christmas, I envision more involvement with her next year and I am so excited for that!

December 10 was a quick little spread I did when the front was a patterned paper trimmed down to fit the 3"x8" pocket page. I cut the "10" pocket card into a mini tag and paired it with a feather gift tag from that same gift tag set from Target. I am not afraid to mix metallics, folks!

The bag is some computer journaling that lists things my husband and I love about the season. The "he said" and "she said" are phrases on a roller stamp by Ali Edwards and I love the look of repetitive stamping like that.

The 11th and 12th are simply number cards and a mini-photo collage for each day.

Same goes for the 13th and 14th. If you don't have anything "special" to document for a few days, this is a good approach because in my opinion, not EVERY photo needs a story. Sometimes an adorable photo of your child(ren) is just that, and that's okay to leave it as is :)

I take milestone photos of Hazel every week and there were so many from this particular week that I turned it into a grid collage and put a spin on an "Elf" quote as the "title." Add some glitter starts and blammo! I layered the photo onto a couple of fun patterned papers because layering is what the cool kids do.

Here we have a simple transparency sheet and below that...

...is more Hazel! It's another milestone photo. 

Behind it I simply punched holes in a number card and added that to designate which day the photo belongs to. Since it was sort of tucked in there, I wanted to label it correctly without having to include it in its own pocket.

The 15th and 16th are, again, very simple. Just a photo or some journaling. Since the 16th had a photo AND journaling, I made my own journaling card and put "16" on the top, allowing me to include a photo in the remaining pocket.

The 17th and 18th have no photos at all! Just a number card and some journaling to explain the story of the day. Easy peasy.

I am obsessed with photo booths and always make my husband stop to hop in one. I wanted to include the photo strip in the album (utilizing the classic serious face/silly face/kiss/smile approach) so I just put it in a larger page protector and sewed one end to make it the perfect size.

Since I always want to include the number for the day somehow, I made a little running border on top of the journaling card. It just repeats "19" in pink font.

The 20th is done with a two-pocket 4"x6" and the bottom photo is a little collage I put together in Picasa. 

I made some treats for the mail lady and UPS driver and the mail lady gave us a little thank you card. I punched hols and included it right there in the album.

This page was added after I took the above photos. It's a 5"x7" of the rice krispie treats I made and then I adhered big red chipboard letters on top. So graphic and fun! The photo is layered on top of a patterned paper that is a simple black-and-white so as not to compete with all of the color going on.

This page was a little awkward at first. The 21st was a single-event kind of day but the 22nd included a TON of photos. To make everything look coherent without looking messy, I made a little photo collage for the 21st and then put the journaling behind the "21" card. Can you tell I like photo collages? I think they are a wonderful way to include multiple photos in a small space.

The 22nd was a day full of activity as Josh and I spent the day in Chicago while my mom had Hazel overnight--the first night away from us! :( But we had fun, so hey.

I included an enlarged photo of a drink I had at one of the stops we made, as it was too beautiful not to include. It's layered on a couple of papers and accented with washi tape, a heart-shaped paperclip, and the "Falalalala" chipboard (which happened to fit perfectly in the space where a punched hole was, a'thank you!). I hand-lettered the journaling directly on the photo to say the name of the drink. After this photo was taken, I decided to include journaling for the location of the bar, as well, and that was done on the opposite side of the glass' rim.

The 22nd was simply photos and journaling, with some skull-topped picks from Three Dots and a Dash tucked in. I HAD to include those!

Finally, the 23rd features our annual book exchange. I went online and printed images of the book covers and added the journaling and bam! The journaling was printed directly onto a physical journaling card. I printed out the text on a letter-sized piece of paper and then taped the journaling card and re-printed the document. It doesn't always work out perfectly, but it gets the job done.

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