//Insta Roundup / Jan. 16 to 22

Unsurprisingly, my Instagram the past week is a lot of my face and my beautiful little girl, Hazel. I started work on the 16th after being on maternity leave for three months. It was a strangely stressful and emotional week and something I was not expecting. I didn't cry (kind of shocked about that, actually), but I did feel odd for not being around my daughter all freaking day. Coming home to her was this very sweet and relieving feeling. I think it will get a little easier as time goes on...in the meantime, I'm forcing my mom to send me periodic photos throughout the day ;)

Hazel turned 3 months old just before I went back to work and she JUST turned 14 weeks old this past Friday. I put her in the cutest vintage yellow dress for her milestone photo, and she apparently thought it was mighty tasty, too, as you can see in the 4th row all the way to the right.

The black and white photo of her pouting with her cheeks all puffed out? That's a new thing she's doing and it cracks me up! My mom makes this face when she's displeased and it looks a lot like that pout, minus the cheeks.

For more information behind these photos, please visit my Instagram.

Oh, P.S., can you tell I'm a fan of red lipstick? No? Maybe I should make that more obvious then.

P.P.S. I am aware that a photo was used here twice. Oops. I guess that's what I get for wanting perfect squares in a rectangle like this. Whomp whomp.

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