//My Favorite Red Lipsticks

//wearing Bésame lipstick in Red Velvet//

Without turning this into a memoir, I have always had an obsession with makeup. I haven't and don't wear it every day, but about 75-80% of the time you can find me sporting (at the very least) foundation and/or powder and lipstick. To be more precise, RED lipstick. From the moment I put on a face of dark green eyeshadow and violet lipstick when playing around with my mom's cosmetics at the age of 9, I have been drawn to bold looks--and none is bolder or easier than swiping on some red lipstick.

Is it a pain? Sometimes. You have to be more careful about not touching your mouth, removing it before you go to smooch your little baby, and more selective in what you eat (a greasy cheeseburger will always result in smeared lipstick no matter how carefully you try to eat it, trust me), but the glamorous and put-together effect of red lips makes it all worth it. And if any of the above is what is keeping you from wearing red, then go for one of the many, many liquid lipsticks available on the market, a couple of which are mentioned below.

I think red lipstick is for everyone and you just have to find the shade that works for you! Go to a local cosmetics counter and try some on. MAC is a great choice for this because they have a TON of reds to choose from and in my experience, their artists were the most helpful in choosing one. If you don't feel more elegant, more glamorous, more BADASS after putting on red lipstick, well, then, I'll eat my hat. (*Note: I will not actually be engaging in any hat-eating behavior, but I will admit defeat).

Another reason red has always been a go-to is because of its connections to vintage fashion. Look at photos of actual women from that era or women who are enthusiasts (Dita von Teese, anyone?!) and you will see a sea of red lipstick. The simplest vintage/retro-inspired makeup look is winged eyeliner and red lipstick and voila! I've been rocking this look for at least 12 years because it freaking works, people! And once you practice, practice, practice with the eyeliner, it's the quickest and easiest look I can do. That's a whole 'nother post, so I'll save it for a different time. Moving on...

Here are my favorite reds! I'm not a makeup expert or anything, but I have included notes where I felt they were appropriate. I have also linked each lipstick to their corresponding article on Temptalia (if available) because I feel they have some stellar information and photos (most of the swatch photos are from Temptalia, as well). So click each photo to be taken to its page on Tempalia, if you like. 

Red Velvet - Bésame Cosmetics / $22.00

I have written about this brand before because I love their formulation and the fact that almost every color is a replica of a vintage lipstick shade. Everything from the packaging to the shades is spot on and I wouldn't be surprised if I end up owning every shade they produce (still waiting for Bésame Red to come back in stock. Le sigh.).

Victory Red - Bésame Cosmetics (comes with a cool pin!) / $28.00

Von Teese - MAC (although it is no longer available, please refer to this article for similar shades)

When I learned that the Queen was putting out her own lipstick shade with MAC, I jumped on that like you wouldn't believe. Since it's no longer available through MAC, I'm careful with how much I use it because I'm going to be sad when it's all gone.

American Doll - Anastasia Beverly Hills / $20.00

The first liquid lipstick I'm featuring. I am quite a fan of the formula. The red POPS and the product is fairly long-lasting.

Mrs. Mia Wallace - Urban Decay / $17.00

Probably one of the creamier lipsticks I wear. I am happy that they made this color a permanent one, especially because it makes me feel awesome while drinking a milkshake ;)

Lady Danger - MAC / $17.00

Not *exactly* a red since it's a warm orange, but it looks close enough ;) This one is very attention-getting but so fun when I want to change it up a little.

Vampira - Kat von D / $20.00

Another liquid lipstick, although the main complaint of her liquid lipsticks stands true--the pigmentation sucks on her darker shades. It requires a few coats to get a full-coverage look, but the color is worth it.

Russian Red - MAC / $17.00

Talk about a classic red. Everyone from Madonna to Dita has worn this color and for good reason. It is universally flattering on all kinds of folks and the pigmentation (like most MAC lipsticks I own) is awesome.

Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Lip Stain in No. 9 Rouge Lacque - Yves Saint Laurent / $36.00

This is one of two of the pricier lip products that I have and really like. This is one is also *technically* not a lipstick, but I really enjoy it when I want more shine. It's supposed to be a gloss/stain combo, but I think it's more gloss than stain, which is fine with me. Plus, the scent is heavenly. Sidenote: apparently you can only purchase this product online, which is weird to me since I originally bought it in-store. Oh well.

Le Rouge in  No. 307 Grenat Initié - Givenchy / $36.00

This is the other pricier item, but hello! The leather lipstick case makes it all worth it! ;)

Looking at this, you'd think I'm being sponsored by MAC (I'm not, but I gladly would take the offer! ha). Anywho, since my preferred finish is matte, matte, semi-matte, and matte, I really enjoy using a lip balm or similar product underneath my lipstick. The Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer is one of my favorites because it doesn't make my lips all slick like many other balms do, allowing the lipstick to adhere a little better. It sort of smoothes out my lips so the matte lip products look better. And there is a sharpener in the bottom of the pencil, too!

Speaking of matte, if you have some lipsticks that you love but wish you had in a matte finish, the Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer by Smashbox is pretty nifty. You do have to pat it on with your finger, though, so it's a little messier than I like, but it definitely works. 

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