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Hello, folks! I finally finished up my album...can I get a hallelooo?! Below you will find photos of December 24 through 31 (video with commentary to come a little later...it's hard recording a voiceover with a chatty or crying baby) and if you keep reading, I'll share my thoughts on doing this project for the first time and tips I've picked up along the way. Enjoy!

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So, does this make you interested in trying December Daily in 2017? I'll be honest, this was the first project I've done that required such frequent scrapbooking, but I love the result so much that I think this has to be an annual thing. Here are some things I've learned along the way:

  • WRITE STUFF DOWN! Keep a notepad or a file in the memo app of your phone to jot down things that happened each day. You think you'll remember everything but trust me, you'll start to forget things if you don't scrapbook daily.
  • If possible, print from home. I found this integral to my success with this project because it kept me from getting too behind waiting for photos. I also utilized my Walgreens' 1-hour photo service a number of times, especially when my printer was out of ink. Do what you gotta do. If you can't print your photos, then use Post-It notes to mark which photos go where and at least do your journaling so when your photos arrive you only have to stick them in pockets. Bam.
  • Think outside the box in terms of filler material. This is true in terms of both content and materials you work with. I bought gift tags from Target that fit perfectly in the 2"x2" pockets and was so happy that I had another item to include! In regards to content, not everything has to remain in a pocket page. I LOVE to stick loose items in my albums because it's visually interesting and it's also fun to touch and play with. Plus, there are some items that are odd-shaped and won't fit well into a pocket--so I punch holes in it and stick it in my album as is!
  • Foundation pages aren't my thing. I think on the fly and I prefer it that way. So while it may work for some, I can't do anything ahead of time.
  • It's okay if you don't have a color scheme or theme picked out. I didn't, and I happen to love how my album came out. Also, it's perfectly okay if a color scheme is your jam. I think I might try that for 2017.
  • I combined a daily diary as well as story approach for my album, meaning that on days where nothing really happened and I have no photos, I just chose a topic like "traditions" and journaled about that. Also, some days I had only a "date marker" journaling card and a photo, and that's okay, too!
  • Get your family or friends in on the action. For December 10, I listed my and my husband's favorite things about the season. He gave me a few things and I turned it into that day's layout. Super simple. You could also get family and friends to take photos for you, give you ephemera, or write letters that you can include in your album.
  • This kind of goes along with the previous point, but use your friends' and family's social media accounts to grab photos to use! On Christmas, I knew my aunt posted several pics on her Facebook, so I put them in my album. This gave me photos and perspectives I wouldn't have had otherwise (like the photo of my mom, aunt, and cousin) and it's that much more special.
  • As tempting as it is, don't get too far behind. Unless you're a superhuman, of course. If I got more than a handful of days behind in my album, my enthusiasm for the project really began to wan. This project is for December, after all, and for me, the thrill of it all was doing it contemporaneously. 
  • Last, and most importantly, don't give a hoot about what others are doing! It's one thing to be inspired by others, but if looking at the beautiful work that other memory keepers are doing makes you feel inadequate about your own album, then stop it. This instant. The most important thing about scrapbooking is that you're doing it. 

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