//What I'm About / Vol. 2

Brooches and pins...I can't seem to get enough! My favorite places to buy from are eBay and Etsy because I can enter a search term and scroll endlessly until I find something that catches my fancy. Since we're talking costume jewelry here, I don't really spend too much per item and if there is free shipping, it's as good as sold in my eyes. In terms of pins, we're talking enamel or lapel pins. There are various shops I have discovered through Instagram and I especially love the cheekier ones.
Speaking of brooches, I ordered this beauty from Erstwilder. It's the Je Ne Sais Quoi design and I knew it had to be mine.

It would be my 6th piece from there, as I love the quality of the pieces so much. Unfortunately, this one arrived damaged with the top portion snapped off :( I promptly contact customer service and let them know about my issue. They sent a replacement, no questions asked (even though I was all ready to send a half dozen photos showing the damage haha) and were aware that shipping sometimes posed a problem for this particularly delicate design.

Sadly for me, the replacement arrived damaged, too, and I was REALLY bummed. I tried to glue it back on but perhaps due to the surface being too slick and the connecting piece being too small, it didn't work. So I reached out again and let them know the issue. They worked with me until the problem was remedied and I could not be any happier with the customer service I received. Natalie was my contact person and she was so prompt and sincere, I literally cried.

It's a shame that not all retailers value customer service this much (doubly so because I used to work retail for several years and always made sure I was polite, courteous, and as helpful as possible). I can honestly say they have a customer for life now <3

Some of my favorite Erstwilder designs that I don't yet own (but likely will soon, at this rate!) are:

//Combing for Compliments hair comb//

//Family of Flasks brooch//

//Femme Fatale brooch//

//Now, Prancer brooch//

//Roxy's Ray Gun brooch//

//Toil and Trouble brooch//

The Dress Code Cracker podcast has been streaming through my car's radio for a few days now. My commute to one of our offices is about 40 minutes one way, so I get to enjoy a couple episodes of this on those days. Conducted by Sarah Innis from Toronto, these interviews are casual and interesting and I always manage to getgood tips from the folks being interviewed. I'll hear about a book to check out or a vintage boutique online I hadn't known about. I'm just bummed that this is no longer an ongoing podcast (the most recent episode is from June 2016). But who knows? Maybe she'll bring it back someday! Some of my favorite people that Sarah interviewed are Gigi Castorina, Sam Conover, and Liza Kelly.

The Whurl app. How have I not heard of this before?! It's basically a dating site that matches up buyers and sellers of vintage haha. The way it works (if you're a buyer) is you post a photo of something you're in search of and then sellers reply to your post with their offerings that match your search! I dusted off my old iPad to use this app since it's only available through Apple and I have an Android phone. It's worth it, though, since I don't have many local opportunities to thrift or buy vintage.

This Modcloth dress is awesome. I ordered my size according to the size chart and I could have stood to size down, but I ain't mad about it. The color is great, the neckline and length are A+ for the office, and the bow belt is such an adorable touch. The fabric has a good amount of stretch in it, so it's VERY comfortable to wear. I just wish it came in multiple colors because this is one of those dresses I'll be wearing to work every other week. The only downside is it seems to wrinkle fairly easily.


  1. OMG I could browse Etsy and eBay for brooches for HOURS! I love it! Yes, you can get some REALLY good deals on eBay for throwback anything! I also find cheap plastic bangles - sure, they're not real "bakelite" but what do I care? They're colorful and fun and I can collect a rainbow for cheap!

    1. I swear, every time my husband walks by my computer, I'm browsing Etsy or eBay and I can feel him rolling his eyes hahaha. And I agree about the bangles! Bakelite is fine and all, but I doubt anyone can tell the difference just by looking, so I'm going to continue wearing it if it's cute ;)

  2. I get so lost on Etsy looking for vintage goods! I have never heart of Whurl, though! I've spent hours looking on Etsy and eBay for a specific style of dress. Had I known about this app earlier, I could have saved a lot of time!

    I love Erstwilder, and I've bought from them before, but it's just so expensive to ship to the US! Fortunately, there is shop not too far from me that sells their brooches.

    xo, Helene

    1. Etsy is my "rabbit hole." I am always getting stuff from there to the point where my mother-in-law goes, "You buy a lot from Etsy, don't you?" hahahaha. But anywho, I'd be curious to hear about your experience with Whurl, if you end up using it. I don't have an iPhone and I'm not on my iPad that often, so I'm not the app a whole lot, but I get sucked in scrolling through and looking at everything!

      As for the brooches, I try and buy from other stockists if I can (Pinup Girl Clothing or Unique Vintage, for example) because I can usually bundle that brooch purchase with other stuff. I wish there was a physical location near me that sold them :(