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I have been super duper absent lately thanks to a bout of disease that ran rampant through my family, so that was fun. At least my baby girl didn't get too sick. The hubs and I bore the brunt of that haha. Anywho, I thought a good way to ease back into the blog was with a good ol' "What I'm About" post. Let's proceed!

PINK MARTINI!! They are so fun and have a very multi-cultural, cosmopolitan swing/jazz sound. I currently am obsessed with their most recent release, Je Dis Oui! It means "I say yes" and it's the chorus of the first track, "Jolie Garçon." My daughter, for the record, enjoys this song ;) Their music has been on heavy rotation during my commute. I really feel like I should be drinking cocktails in a smokey bar in Paris when I listen to their music, though I don't know why.

The Puppini Sisters are another great group. They are considered a "vocal harmony swing group," according to their website, and they do a lot of covers that span genres and it all has a very retro twist to it. The group is UK-based and no, they aren't literally sisters. I've been listening to their Christmas album a lot because it's great and I love Christmas. If you think people shouldn't listen to Christmas music out of season, then fight me. Just fight me.

So, real talk. I love coffee. LOVE it. I kind of wish I could be one of those folks who gives up caffeine and is constantly drinking water and staying hydrated and being all-around fabulous. But this is not meant to be for me. When I was pregnant, that was literally the toughest thing for me, giving up my usual insane amount of daily coffee. When I tell people how many espresso shots I liked in my latte, they looked at me like I should be committed. To each their own. I am also a slut for Starbucks and whenever they come out with a new menu item, I'm immediately intrigued. I gave the Cascara Latte a go and I love it! It's just subtly sweet and as long as you don't get additional espresso shots, the balance is perfect between the sweetness and bitterness. 10/10 would recommend. PS. I guess it's pronounced "cass-care-ah" because when I say it as "cass-car-ah," the barista promptly--and irritatedly--corrects me. Meh.

This movie was really good. Like, way better than I thought it would be. It was funny (Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson are so freaking good) and considering that I was once a teenage girl back in the day, man, did I relate to some of this stuff. The teenage angst and the meanies at school and the making a damn idiot of yourself in front of a boy you like---yep, been there with all that shiz. Rent this tonight with a pint of Halo Top ice cream (Peanut Butter Cup is the best flavor, IMHO) and watch it in your jammies (preferably with a friend or two).

I am almost afraid to admit this because I feel like there is going to be a barrage of criticism. But when you're a mom, that's par for the course, right?! ;) My 4-month old LOVES this show. It's the colorful and expressive blocks on the screen, I think, but the music is also really fun. I think this is a Canadian show but we watch it through YouTube or Hulu and it's the only thing that was able to calm my baby down after her last round of shots (poor thing). While I don't believe in using a TV as a babysitter for the fact that time is so fleeting and I would hate to miss out on a bunch of time with Hazel in that way, I am ALL FOR this show as a way to spend time together. The songs are very catchy and fun and educational, but in interesting ways. A+ to Big Block Singsong.

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