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The book, which this show is based off of, has been on my TBR list pretty much since it came out. It's sitting on my shelf, mocking me. But I keep bumping it for others...don't worry, my dear, I'll get to you eventually. Back to the topic at hand, the show is entertaining and will have you wondering why you didn't think to do what she did--seriously! I'm kicking myself. The hubs and I binged almost the entire season, but still have a few left to go. Oh, and RuPaul is in it, soooo...all the thumbs up emojis.

Bullet Journaling

I am a notorious list-maker and far-too-organized person. I literally have four planners/calendars going at once...who needs to be that organized?! Me, apparently. So bullet journaling is something that I would naturally get sucked into. I attempted to start it a couple years ago but this time, I'm diving in full force. For those who don't know, bullet journaling is a method of keeping a combination planner and commonplace book, using a systematic approach to scheduling and notating your entries. It can be completely customized to the way you operate and be as artistic or as minimal as you like. The only things you need to start are literally a notebook and a pen. The rest is fluff. I can do an entire post on that (and just might!), but let me leave you with some reference links.

Ruth Riechl is, among other things, a food writer, and boy does it show in this book! The way she writes about food is so poetic that you can nearly taste the very dishes she describes. This book goes through her life as she blossomed into a foodie and it's so compelling, I can read pages upon pages before I even think to set it down.

Back at it with another magazine recommendation! Mollie Makes is a lifestyle and crating magazine that is packed with fun project and a ton of artistic inspiration. It is another imported magazine which makes it a little on the pricier side, but it's so worth it. The physical copies come with a mini-craft--supplies and all!--so that's the route I prefer to go. If you visit their website, they are offering 3 issues for $9.95, which I think it fantastically reasonable.

If you enjoy cooking at home but feel overwhelmed by meal planning and prepping, definitely check out Prep Dish. It's not one of those services that sends ingredients to your home or anything. Instead, you get meal plans, complete with organized grocery lists (BLESS!) and step-by-step prep instructions. The meals are also paleo or gluten-free and dairy is always optional. The entire concept is that you have a shopping day, a prep day, and then you get to enjoy meals for the week. I plan on doing an entire post dedicated to Prep Dish because my husband and I love it SO much, so I won't go into too much further detail. I will say, though, that we've been doing this for three weeks now and we have yet to eat a meal that we didn't like. Winner!

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